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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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sheriff's office did announce the arrest of a san jose woman, emily baca, for aiding and abetting chavez when search teams missed him at a nearby hotel monday. >> they conducted operations throughout the county, associates of chavez. and so the search continues. >> reporter: and again, investigators right now are still interviewing people from that search in east san jose. and haven't said who they are, who may or may not be involved, and chavez escaped. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. while authorities believe they're closing in on chavez, little has been said about campbell, the other escapee. investigators believe he parted ways with chavez and continue to follow tips on his location, as well. new at 5:00, a wild police chase ends with a big crash in oakland. this was on add align street. police tried to pull over the car listnked to robberies.
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it injured at least one innocent driver. the driver and two passengers tried to run, but police caught up with them fairly quickly. also in the east bay, a suspect is in custody after a seven-hour standoff with police in union city. here's a look from our nbc chopper. police initially showed up after a woman called, saying her ex-boyfriend had been holding her hostage for days. they were able to get her out of the house safely, but the man barricaded himself inside of the home and refused to surrender for several hours. the neighbors were evacuated after hours after notiegotiatio and the man came out peacefully and was arrested. new details tonight on a deadly thanksgiving dinner. just minutes ago, the health department told us they traced a potentially deadly illness to at least 17 victims. every one of the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall in antioch.
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elyce kirchner walked out of the health department and joins us with more. >> reporter: right. and that press conference is still going on inside of the health department here behind me. i just walked out, and the latest information is that health officials now say the number of people that got sick after that thanksgiving meal has grown to 17. initially, officials said that eight people got seriously ill, including three people who died. they are also asking the public, anyone who attended that event, to bring leftovers, food, in case they can figure out where this all started, and try and trace back the source of this illness. it was a thanksgiving meal that went horribly wrong. >> it's more than heartbreaking. >> reporter: contra county health officials say three died and one person is still in the hospital. they all ate a meal organized by the golden hills community
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church. >> we don't even know that our dinner was the source of the problem. but that doesn't matter. because precious people died. >> reporter: senior pastor, larry adams, worked at the church who put on the holiday event. he says his parish has been serving holiday meals for decades. >> no one has gotten sick in more than 30 years. >> reporter: and more than 800 meals were served during this year's event at the american legion hall in antioch. >> some of the food preparation is done there, some cooked by our volunteers in their homes. >> reporter: health officials say two lived in care facilities in antioch. no one answered the door, but shortly after we arrived, we saw health inspectors walk into the facility on vista way. >> most are elderly. i feed a few people that go out every morning and walk. >> reporter: meanwhile, pastor adams just hopes investigators can figure out exactly what caused all of this.
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>> if it was from us, we want to fix it. and if it wasn't from us, then we still want to help the people who were hurting. >> reporter: and the contra costa county sheriff's department is conducting an autopsy to try and figure out the exact cause of death. again, three people died after this thanksgiving event. they are also not releasing their names at this time. reporting live in martinez tonight, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. how much will san francisco do to help protect undocumented immigrants. specifically, how much money will it cost taxpayers? supervisor david campos is pushing a proposal to spend $5 million a year on lawyers for people facing deportation. mark matthews joins us from city hall this evening, the site of . >> reporter: it would be more than just a sanctuary city, raj. new york city decided that it would fund legal aid for
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undocumented citizens. san francisco would be the second city in the country if they adopt this proposal. and the first city since the election of donald trump. and believe me, today's rally was a reaction to the president-elect. supervisor david campos told the crowd he came to the u.s. as an undowntown grant and it's his proposal to provide legal aid to those facing deportation. >> we want president-elect donald trump to know that there is nothing more american than immigration. >> reporter: the $5 million a year would pay for ten lawyers and support staff administered by the city's public defender. >> it is a shame that there are 1,600 people in detention proceedings right now in san francisco. and thousands more around the country who don't have a right
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to a lawyer. >> reporter: 31-year-old of nicaragua was one of those detained in 2014. >> i had been deported when i was 9 years old so i was getting a serious charge. >> reporter: after a month behind bars, her cousin got her a lawyer and she was freed. >> without my lawyer, i wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: she spoke at the rally this afternoon, telling the crowd, when you're locked up, there is nobody looking out for you. dylan, a lawyer and vice chair of california's republican party says the proposal is a bad idea. >> i don't think it's the place of our board of supervisors to use public tax money to defend violations of the law and that's what we're talking about here. >> reporter: right after donald trump was elected, the mayor of san francisco and the county board of supervisors held a rally inside city hall. they called it a unity rally, saying they would remain a sanctuary city, no matter what. well, the mayor backed this
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proposal to put $5 million towards undocumented aid? tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you how david campos is challenging the mayor and will also have the mayor's response. reporting from city hall, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. president-elect donald trump has picked four more cabinet members. he named wilbur ross as secretary, and steve mnuchin and tom price as secretary of health and human services. price, a third-generation doctor opposes obamacare and supports medicare. elaine chao will be the transportation secretary and married to mitch mcconnell and was labor secretary under george w. bush. a 4:00 a.m. tweet from donald trump is also making news today. he wrote, quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences and perhaps loss of
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citizenship and a year in mail. fox news aired a story about a flag burning. the u.s. supreme court has twice affirmed burning the flag is a constitutional form of free speech. today a nationwide protest calling for $15 an hour minimum wage. the bay area is already ahead of the curve. san francisco, san jose and oakland have already approved a $15 minimum wage effective in the next few years. there was a vocal and local rally. our tech reporter, scott budman joins us this evening. scott, what was the message and any flight delays because of this rally? >> reporter: raj, it was all about money. this and 20 other airports across the country, the site of pro teftsz today. thousands of workers walking off the job in the name of better pay. >> we fight! >> we win! >> reporter: sfo was among the locations for the so-called fight for 15 protest.
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>> yes, we are fighting for $15 an hour. >> reporter: workers marching for better pay, eventually wanting a minimum wage of $15 an hour. >> wages and affordable housing is extremely important for economic security and our families to thrive. >> what do we want! >> better pay. >> reporter: the movement spread across the country and internet with a total of 300 cities taking part, including san francisco. >> being able to talk about positions will give us an opportunity to make more progress than just focusing on one issue in particular. >> reporter: now as the rally spread across the country, it also spread across the internet, getting its own hash tag, fight for $15. i should mention here in california we're set to get a $15 minimum wage in 2021. scott budman, nbc bay area news. renting out your home on
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websites like airbnb can get you extra cash in your pocket but today lawmakers voted to limit how often you're allowed to host. our investigative unit tracking the story. the new law sets a maximum cap of 60 days a year you can rent your home. this impacts homes rented for 30 days at a time. if registered before november 16th, the new law will not impact you. today the board of directors voted to not override the veto. next, leaving for las vegas or staying in oakland. the closed-door meeting to make sure the raiders remain in the bay area. pigeons in palo alto leaving behind a stinky problem. i'm marianne favro. what the city plans to do about it and how much it will cost.
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>> that is my end game. i want to change the culture of middle school and i know we can do it. >> reporter: and a mother's mission to help kids in middle school feeling isolated. the story that will make you bay area proud. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful sunset tonight. an orange glow across san francisco. we are tracking increasing clouds. my forecast in about eight minutes. it's the 4th quarter -- and the
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clock is ticking for oakland city leaders. in a os it's the fourth quarter and the clock is ticking for oakland city leaders. in a closed-door meeting, the council is considering a stadium proposal for the raiders. a group of investors spearheaded by nfl hall-of-famer, ronnie lott at the site of the current coliseum. if they give the proposal the green light it will be put up tuesday. if oakland can come up with a viable stadium plan, the office has hinted it could sway the other 31 team owners to vote down a proposal to move them to las vegas. smelly, dirty and ugly. that's how some people in palo alto describe a pigeon problem. it's not the pigeons, it's what they're leaving behind and a problem gotten so bad, crews are
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actually shutting down some streets. nbc bay area's marianne pfafavrs in with details. marianne. >> reporter: well, raj, at 10:00 tonight, city crews shutting down this section of embarcadero road while crews get in there and try to clean out that pigeon poop. in a city known for high-tech, higher education and high-end homes, pigeons are creating a very, well, low-end problem. this underpass on embarcadero road in palo alto has become a hotel for hundreds of pigeons who have left behind a pickup truck's worth of droppings. >> as far as the pigeons go, the problem was the odor, and the mess that just accumulated over the period of years. and, of course, a lot of us walked through here daily, and the owed or became so bad. >> reporter: so bad, pauline thomas and neighbors complained to the city. she is thrilled to learn that tonight and for six more nights, the city will shut down this
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section of embarcadero to clean up what the pinions left behind. >> in the interest of public health, it's worth the investment and effort. >> reporter: the city plans to install netting to keep the birds from coming back. consider it a pigeon party pooper.l:,kñ the city says the cleanup project will cost between $50 and $60,000. reporting live in palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. it is a sad image to see. a student sitting alone at lunch time. >> it's more than 12,000 schools participate in no one eats alone day. the idea came from a north bay mom. garvin thomas joins us with tonight's bay area proud. >> her daughter lilly was born with a condition that made her look different from other children, something that may have contributed to her social isolation in middle school. laura now wants to make sure that doesn't happen to others. not just kids who are a little
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different, but everyone. >> well, i want you to know how pleased and how thrilled i am that lilly's memory is being carried on by all of you. >> reporter: it is from the darkest day of laura's life that a brighter future might just be in store for not only this group of middle school students on a weekend retreat in petaluma but perhaps tense or even hundreds of thousands more. >> you are going to be the next generation of leaders. >> reporter: that is how many students have been exposed in the past six years through at least one of their programs to the north bay-based nonprofit, beyond differences. >> each year, we have grown and doubled and doubled and doubled in size. >> reporter: that dark time for laura was the sudden death at the age of 15 of her daughter lilly. lilly had suffered in middle school from social isolation.
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not feeling bullied, per se, but something maybe just as painful. feeling invisible and alone. >> it used to break my heart, because i would get calls from lilly almost on a daily basis she had finished lunch, but she really didn't have anybody to eat with so she was always hiding in the girls' bathroom. >> reporter: it was at lilly's funeral after some of her writings from that time were read that a group of her peers approached laura. >> and had they known that lilly was feeling that left out in middle school, they might have been more aware, and might have done something different. >> we want to do something to honor lilly. >> reporter: it was the birth of beyond differences. laura and her group of trained high school ambassadors have since spoken to tens of thousands of middle schoolers. sharing their message of kindness and inclusion. >> invite people. >> and their program, no one eats alone day, has spread like wild fire across the country.
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as the organization has grown, though, laura says the focus has shifted away from lilly, and she's okay with that. laura never wanted it to be a static memorial for her daughter. she wanted a dynamic force for good in the world. and she thinks they're well on their way. >> these children are going to grow up in the next 15 years and become parents, and my money is on them. >> they do a number of programs and no one eats alone day, you mentioned thousands of schools. half a million kids across the country participating. they hold it in february, and that is just one of their very many successful programs they're running and it continues to grow. >> and spreading pretty fast. thank you, garvin. talk about our weather now. dozens of water agencies across california may only get 20% of the water they requested for next year. however, that is still more than twice what those agencies got a year ago. a winter storm in this coming
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months may boost our water allocations but officials warn we're still in a deep drought and one year won't make up the difference. we bring in jeff ranieri now. we're talking about rain, probably not in the next few days, though, right? >> the next two weeks, our chances of getting major systems trending downward. we have the chance of a spotty shower in the next 24 hours. let's get you to our microclimate weather of san jose and the shark tank. we have mostly clear skies at the current moment and 55 degrees. and you'll see as we head throughout 10:00 p.m. tonight, we're dropping down to a cold 47. as we get a look at the wider picture across the pacific, we have this weaker system we're following. the associated cold front the biggest change for us and maybe a isolated shower or two. so for tomorrow morning's forecast, not the clearest start. also cold, to begin here for the south bay 42 degrees. 45 in the peninsula.
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down to 39 for the tri valley. those clouds also continue across the east bay with temperatures near from 39 in the north bay to 44 for the east bay. i'll show you the futurecast next and you'll see once again the areas of overcast we'll deac with throughout tomorrow morning. notice the rainfall offshore as we advance this it just becomes very spotty in nature. but we can't rule out maybe a drop or two around 1:30 in the afternoon near san francisco. also the peninsula. and maybe, just maybe into tomorrow evening, possibly down for the south bay and also the east bay. but again, i think the biggest thing you'll notice on our microclimate forecast the skies not nearly as blue as we head throughout the forecast. 59 in fill roy, 60 in millipede as. no huge changes as you travel across the bay area. upper 50s and low 60s for the east bay. the peninsula, 59 in palo alto. 57 in belmont. and 58 in san mateo.
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6 miles per hour, anywhere from 56 in the out ersunset. and 58 in the mission. for the north bay, 57 in mill valley and 58 in novato. with no big storm systems in the next two weeks, it gives us pause here. because we've had so much rain in september, october, and also november. december is usually the month where we begin to see our averages move up. san francisco over 4 inches typically for the month. if we don't see something close to this, i really think our most recent gains could be lost. so we're hoping for at least a few storms by the end of the month. that's for sure. you can see in the seven-day forecast conditions stay dry. as we head throughout all the way into next tuesday, 50s to low 60s for san francisco and for the inland valleys, a similar trend coming our way. notice as we get all the way, yes, to next monday, overnight lows could be the coldest we have seen in several months. maybe down to the freezing mark
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again by next monday morning. >> i think i'm going to wash my car for the first time. >> i'm going to give you the okay after tomorrow. >> a jacket, though. thanks so much, jeff. still to come, deadly fires in tennessee continue to burn wildly, threatening this well-known attraction. we'll take you there, next. a major victory off the court
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for the warriors today happening now on twitter, a major victory off the court for the warriors today. the california court of appeals has said opponents don't have a solid reason to block the arena in san francisco. the ruling clears one of the past big hurlgss to big the new facility. and $421 mill splilt 21 days. a group of workers won the powerball jackpot. more news in two minutes.
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astra zeneca may be able to help. fires burning in tees take a look at these pictures. they show just how close the fires are burning in tennessee. how close they came to the famous dollywood theme park. the overnight first devastated area. damaging more than 150 structures and forcing people to evacuate. at least three people killed. worldwide reaction and people still in shock for the
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plane crash that killed an entire soccer team. there was a total of six survivors, three players. 71 passengers in all were killed. the charter flight plane carrying the soccer club, and several journalists. the team is seen here, celebrating last week's win that propelled them into the finals of the south american championship. they were supposed to play tomorrow. a cinderella story for the small soccer club that never reached the finals. searchers recovered both planes' plax black boxes. the plane crashed in colombia. we're back in a moment.
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warriors all star "klay thompson" shows us he's really warriors all-star klay thompson shows us he's really good at something else. thompson bragged to the media, he makes the best paper planes on the west coast. he folded up his stat sheet into an paper airplane and sent it flying at a camera mapp man in the back of the room.
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>> he's good at everything. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us here at 5:00. as a reminder, lester holt is next. >> see you back here at 6:00. bye, folks. miracle survivors found in the wreckage of a tragic air disaster. 71 dead with the plane goes down. tonight, what may have caused the crash. provoking citizenship. president-elect trump's over a flag burning that experts say is unconstitutional. detecting breast cancer. in one in six women won't develop the most well-known symptom. tonight the subtle signs that can save your life. and tonight, best friends.


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